Our Fleet

When it came to choose our fleet, we wanted a modern and flexible in both size and capabilities fleet as our job is progressing all the time.

The fleet comprises of anti-pollution trucks, fully compliant with the Standards set by the European Union as well as cooling capabilities that will fully meet your needs.

  • Trucks VOLVO FH new anti-pollution technology EURO 6
  • Cold Chambers SCHMITZ – LAMBERET
  • Double floor loading to 66 pallets
  • Partitions within the chamber for different temperatures
  • Coolers
  • CARRIER (VECTOR 1850mt) -THERMO KING (SLX SPECTRUM 50e) high performance with ecological freon
  • New generation Digital Temperature Recorders
  • Satellite monitoring of vehicle and cargo medium GPS
  • Certificates ATP-FRC
  • Certificates for the safety of loading
  • Certificates for the safe transport of medicines
  • ECMT licenses for the required technical safety equipment.
  • Certificates for the calibration of recording temperature and cooling machine