Guaranteed Safety

We transport fresh or frozen perishable cargoes. We guarantee you that your goods will reach their destination securely and maintained in the correct temperatures and environment.

After years of experience, it is clear to us that security in transport is multidimensional. Hence, we ensured that we have the appropriate fleet, modern cargo control systems, experienced staff and certification.

We use a new fleet of refrigerated trucks, equipped with the latest technology, with state of the art isothermal chambers and cooling high performance machines, which are eco-friendly and able to handle any refrigerated freight varying from ambient storage conditions up to deep freeze. We continuously upgrade our fleet. In addition, certified refrigerators for transporting pharmaceutical and medical supplies from the approved German Pharmaserv certifier were added.

Collaborated with ALFAKOM and installed in our fleet satellite tracking systems (POSITREX) for both vehicles and cargo. The POSISTREX system is the latest telematics’ technology. It has been manufactured according to the highest EU requirements. It provides increased security of goods transported and complies with all the necessary Directives and schemes: 95/54 EK, CE, ETSL. The cargo is checked continuously both at all the stages and during the journey. The temperature, the humidity and other relevant information stemming from each chamber is recorded, reported through the system and monitored from our headquarters. This info is available to you at any time.

Our staff is reliable, well-trained and experienced in order to cope with all eventualities and can provide to our customers immediate solutions.

Each individual cargo is fully insured, and the amount of the CMR reaches to €250,000 per cargo.