On Time!

stopwatch 1

Our clients start the discussion setting the time required for the cargo delivery. Time is important. Consistency is crucial too. We do listen to our clients!

Using our satellite systems we can see the location of each vehicle 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, thus ensuring both timely arrival of cargoes to their destination and their excellent condition.

Hence, the delivery time is being controlled. By agreement, the customer can have access to the TELEtracker system allowing him to a direct control and reporting on his cargo relative to: The location of the vehicle or vehicle group in real time (country, road, etc.) / The display of the location on digital maps, history of the route relative to the company’s specific points of interest / The nearest vehicle relative to company’s specific points of interest and vice versa / The vehicle’s traffic bulletin / The vehicle’s weekly operating hours bulletin / The cumulative vehicle group traffic bulletin.